Aline Rossi, 32 years old. Brazilian immigrant in Portugal, Feminist, Doula and Mother. I’m the founder and writer behind Villa Mater, and this page is to tell you the story and reasons behind this beautiful project.

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By and for women

Villa Mater (Vila Materna) was founded in 2021 with the aim of disseminating content by, about, and for women, especially mothers. Here, I share informative content based on current scientific evidences, as well as reflective and critical content to help us think about motherhood conditions, parenting, education, and society as a whole.

As a feminist, thinker and content creator, I have been writing and translating feminist content about women, children and motherhood for almost a decade, always and more and more from a women-led perspective. Villa Mater, as a project, is fully committed to this philosophy.




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Motherhood & Feminism

My journey through motherhood at the age of 21, assisted by a doula friend who introduced me to the world of humanized childbirth, culminating in an intimate, powerful planned home birth, was the most transformative experience of my life. It opened my eyes to motherhood and the fight for reproductive rights beyond safe abortion.

I became a Birth and Postpartum Doula, supporting home births, hospital births, natural births, and c-sections, as well as postpartum women and first-time mothers during the most challenging period, which is the immediate postpartum.

This experience broadened my feminist thinking and my worldview, making my feminism even more fierce, revolutionary, and unapologetically committed to the emancipation of women and children.

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Before Villa Mater

conversa de doula

One of my first projects 100% focused on Motherhood & Pregnancy was a YouTube Channel named “Conversa de Doula” (Doula’s Talk), back in 2015. The goal was to disseminate information about humanized childbirth and encourage women to take ownership and control of this unique and intimate event in their lives. It emphasized the significance of our human and reproductive rights, which are often denied through various forms of obstetric violence on a daily basis.

Spreading the word: Feminism

In addition to motherhood-related topics, my strong commitment to the emancipation of women and children, advocating for an antipatriarchal and more egalitarian society, led me to participate in various other projects that were impactful in spreading feminist content in Brazil.

I would highlight the blog “Feminismo Com Classe” (Feminism and Class), founded by me, and the digital magazine QG Feminista, of which I am also a co-founder, translator, and writer. I also organized the digital book “Da Organização Política Feminista” (On Feminist Political Organization), which is available for free on the internet with the purpose of strengthening feminist groups, organizations, and collectives in their struggle.

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At Villa Mater, we don’t run paid advertising which may include harmful content that is opposed to the project’s vision and philosophy. There may also be affiliate content (such as courses, books or others), which is meticulously selected: I only promote those that I have tried and/or are in no way pyramid schemes, sexist or contrary to scientific evidence. In some cases, I may receive commission for selling these products as an affiliate.


Villa Mater is an information website based on scientific evidence about pregnancy, motherhood and education, with a strong commitment to the rights of women and children.